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We are proud retailers of the ‘COSY TOES’ under-floor heating systems, we supply, install & commission the full system, contact us today to discuss your options.

Please read ‘COSY TOES’ 10 essential points below if you are considering under-floor heating for your home or business.

10 essential points if you are considering under-floor heating for your home or business.

Cosytoes prides itself on its high quality service!

We are always happy to help our valued customers and especially the installer. We will exchange unused goods for a different size, send out replacements for probes free of charge and discuss any other problems you have.

Assured reliability when you choose Cosytoes Underfloor Heating!

Cosytoes’ robust, triple insulated heating cable is manufactured to the highest standards and specifications, which is why we can confidently give a lifetime product guarantee.

Timerstats and thermostats keep energy costs to a minimum!

Whilst giving you a luxurious warm floor, Cosytoes systems deliver the same results as conventional heating but operate at a much lower temperature giving you maximum economy and efficiency.

Never install underfloor heating over a cold concrete sub-floor!

Non-insulated concrete floors will soak up the heat and you will end up with poor performance and high-energy costs!

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Modern insulated concrete floors give satisfactory results.

A concrete sub-floor that has been laid over an insulation layer (as required for new buildings) acts as a storage radiator. It takes longer to heat up (hours) but also takes longer to cool down.

Insulation over concrete floors (essential over non-insulated concrete) gives excellent results!

Use a tile backer board or other proprietary insulation that is bonded to the floor with suitable adhesive – the heating mat or cable is then laid, which sits in the tile adhesive layer.

Normal preparation for tiling on a timber floor is suitable for underfloor heating.

Cosytoes is suitable for fixing directly to timber floors. Boarding out the floor with a well fixed tile backer board will provide an excellent base for the heating cable and improve efficiency.

Screed over heating cable where laminate, timber or carpet is required or use Cosytoes Softmat.

Cover the heating cable with a good thickness of self-levelling screed and fit a floating floor of laminate or timber as required. Always ensure there is free space around the edge of the room so the gripper fixings don’t damage the heating cable.

Consistent cable spacing gives a good uniform heat output.

Use mat where possible as this has fixed spacing. Bunched up cables in combination with wide spaced cables will result in unsatisfactory hot and cold spots.

Take caution when working around fixed objects.

When planning your layout you should consider the position of any fixed objects and point loads as the cable must be unrestricted and able to radiate the heat.

Please give us a call, if you require any further information on our Underfloor Heating Systems please phone us on 01-4528554.

Underfloor Heating
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